Lesson 5 - Self Healing

  1. Please lay down and become very relaxed.
  2. Begin to do the Rhythmic breath. Be sure while inhaling to bring in a good supply of prana with the inhale.
  3. Now with your exhale, direct and send the prana to the area that is effected or dis-eased. This will be for stimulating the area to increase and bring healing to it.
  4. On every 4th breath when exhaling, form the mental image and instruct the dis-ease/iss-ue to be directed out of the body and disappear...
  5. Now placing your hands over the effected area, start at the head and move them slowly to where you are working. Again, inhale and store the prana. As you exhale direct the prana through the arms and out the finger tips into the effected area. Please do spend some time with this practice and you should and will feel the prana flowing down the arms and out the hands.
  6. In your practice, as you gain mastery, try to create the mental image with the exhale that a great flow of prana/energy/life force/chi is being flooded and pumped out of your arms/hands and really focus on bringing in huge amounts with each inhale...

This exercise will really have a profound effect on healing.