Lesson 4 - Cleansing Breath



This is a favorite form of our breathing when we feel the need to ventil-ate and clean-se the lungs.

This stimulates the respiratory cells and gives a balanced vibration to the st-ate they should be in to function at its perfect note/tune or symphony and is creating a union with their proper heal-thy function.

You will find this to Re-fresh the whole system..


First inhale a Complete breath


Retain the air for 4 seconds


Shape the mouth as if you were going to whistle while keeping the cheeks flat, do not allow the cheeks to swell, then exhale a small amount of air with a large amount of force..

Keep repeating this until the air is fully exhaled.

You should find around 8 to 12 breaths should be the range of the small powerful exhaling breaths.

It is good to repeat this breath around 4 to 6 times.


Use this breath if one is tired or worn out..

Practice this exercise until you can per-form it naturally and easily as this breath is integrated in lots of forthcoming breaths..