Lesson 3 - Psychic Breath 2: Pain Inhibiting Breath

  1. Sit down quietly and bring yourself to a relaxful state.
  2. Lay down or sit erect.
  3. Begin to breathe rhythmically.
  4. Now form the image with body feeling/connection as you inhale. As you are inhaling energy/prana, note that this should be felt as a light tingling to medium serge as it is drawn into the system.
  5. With the exhaling breath, direct the energy that was drawn into the painful part if your body. This will reconnect the nerve current.
  6. Inhale more energy/prana for the purpose of pushing out the pain.
  7. Exhale and with this exhale hold the mental thought that you are driving out the pain.
  8. Keep switching between the (1) inhaling to stimulate the area of pain and (2) the next, pushing out the pain. Also be aware that you can place a hand over the pain and send a current down the arm into affected area.

Do this for S-even breaths. Then repeat if necessary until the pain has stopped. This should happen very quickly. Most pain will be relieved even before the 7 breaths are finished

Keep up the practice Family as we become masters of the breath.

Moving into these new breathes, you shall be able to create/feel/manipulate and know life force as a fact, not a be-Lie-F

We want you all to experience the highest.

We love you all so very much.

Keep up the Great Wor-K.

Be present al-ways