Lesson 2 - Psychic Breath 1: PRANA Distributing Breath

So far we have focused on the Physical Plane. Now we will bring attention to the psychic and spiritual plane.

Please do not think any less of the physical plane as it is a sound body that brings union with a sound mind.

We build our temples in both aspects to become true masters of this Realm the mind, body and spirit...

Universal mind is presence...

The body is a temple of Ego...

The light inside is the spirit...

Do not give thought to any as the true Master must gain balance in everything.

You will find that each rhythmic exercise has the instruction of carrying / sending the thought of the intended result.

Controlling the mental projection with Will brings a strong pathway for the force to come into action.

The power of WiLL is the art of true Magick.

We will go into will in future courses, but practically here you will find the experience to bring you the wisdom on the power of your will...

Remember, information is not wisdom, true experience is and we must experience all things to truly know...

Instructions for the Psychic Breath

The base of every psychic breathing exercise is the X Vibrational Frequency/Rhythmic Breath which you have been practicing in the last breathing exercises.

The mind should be clear from the counting of the rhythmic breathing. This will allow the clarity for the directing Thoughts and the WiLL.

PRANA Distribution

  1. Lay on the bed or floor and become very relaxed.
  2. Place  your hands over the solar plexus and close your eyes.
  3. Begin to do the X Frequency/Rhythmic breathing. We will now just call this rhythmic breathing.
  4. Keep focus until you have tuned in the rhythm and it has been established. Focus and use your will, know that each inhale is drawing in an increased amount of prana from the abundance that is around us all is being drawn in by your nervous system and storing itself in the solar plexus. Do this by forming a mental image. Once you have connected your heart with this you will feel prana intensely rushing into the system. 
  5. At each inhale, use wiLL and feel the life force prana being sent through the whole body, every cell,  never, vein, artery, muscle. As you inhale, feel this emanate from the solar plexus out to the ends of all systems, the head, hands, and feet, stimulating and strengthening every nerve, sending energy, power and strength while charging all the nerve centres. Using your WiLL, also use your contemplative mind to create a mental image of this energy rushing in with each inhale, through the crown, into the lungs and being stored in the solar plexus and with each exhale, the energy is beings pushed outward in all directions through the whole system, finally reaching the finger tips, toes and scalp.

There is no need for any excessive wiLL, just know and feel this and it will become very apparent as you practice. Stay calm and form the mental image...

This can make one instantly remove any forms of tiredness, restarts and refreshes the nervous system and brings a wonderful peaceful feeling to the whole body (charged). A great practice any time of day as it helps you gain mastery of the beginning stages of utilising prana and feeling the coherence with the body.