Lesson 14 - How to T-Ra-N-S-Form  Re-Pro-d-u-c-t-ive Energy

Our sexual energy is a very powerful, it is life giving and very sacred.
We can feel it as its power arises.
There is a way rather than to let go of this energy and to lose a cycle of strength, vitality, power and life force, we can consciously choose to recycle and empower.
We could say re-generate life instead of to generate life.
If we chose to do this, this energy will  radiate from us and will manifest something called Personal Magnetism...
This energy is transmuted into new channels and used to a great advance.
It is the most powerful manifest-at-ion of prana in form and its purpose is to create.
The reproduction system is the most powerful Battery in animal life and can be drawn up and used as well as to expend for reproduction purposes...
The exercise for this is very simple, coupled with rhythmic breathing and can be very easily performed.
You can practice this any time, we highly recommend this when one feels the instinct very strong (this is when the sexual energy is manifesting and can be easily transmuted for the purpose of regeneration)
  1. Take the mind away from desires and instinct but stay focused on the energy that is reverberating.
  2. Keep the attention fixed on the energy...
  3. Lay very calmly on you back or if you prefer sit poised and erect.
  4. Create a mental form on the idea of drawing the Reproductive energy upwards to the solar plexus (this is where it will be transmuted and stored as vital prana for a reserve or building of such power)
  5. Begin to breathe Rhythmically, forming the mental image and body connection that with each inhale you are drawing up the reproductive energy.
  6. When rhythm is established and your mental image with body connection is clear you will become very aware of the upward passing of this energy, there will be a very stimulating effect.
  7. If one desires an increase in mental power, you may draw it up to the brain instead of the solar plexus by the same technique.
Wishing all of you a powerful journey lit by the light of truth x
Love you all so very much x