Lesson 13 - Controlling Emotions

Within Life there exists several P-lanes (lanes of light) that exsist within the field all at different frequencys.
Depending of your vibration in the present moment you a-t-tune to a different f-re-que-n-cy  and pull in the aetherical energy of that, be it instantaneously manifesting an experience from that which you are.
Each plane is apart of a collective consciousness / awareness and quite simply thoughts come and go from the lower plane.
Once we develop an aetherical brain we are no longer subject to the thoughts and have visions, synchronicitys and cosmic divine truths that come.
As a thought arises, we give the thoughts no attention and it will pass as quickly as it arose, we go into this through our teachings but for now this is breath.
So, if a thought happens to grab your attention unconsciously and it's causing emotional content such as fear, anxiety, depression, anger ext then there is a great exercise that will follow.
  1. Begin to breathe Rhythmically
  2. Once Rhythm is established give your attention to the solar plexus...
  3. Mind out...Give a sharp mental command "Mind out"
  4. With the exhale form the mental picture that the attachments, forms of thought, demons, bad energy is streaming out of you.
  5. Do this action 7 times
  6. Finish with a cleansing breath
  7. Keep your attention away from thoughts and into the now, this is where our focus and attention needs to stay for liber-at-ions
This will bring great re-me-dy and balance will continue to grow into you.