Lesson 11 - Charging Water

We should be aware of water and its incredible nature to hold shape, form, and memory with all of its transformational capabilities.

If we are highly aware, we know to treat our water with a high degree of love.

We can use this wonderful exercise to charge the water and have profound impact on its structure before we drink it.

  1. Start with by breathing rhythmically.
  2. Place both hands together around your cup /vessel and direct prana into the water always with the mental image connected to the breaths.
  3. Hold the the left hand at the bottom of the cup.
  4. Hold a mental image that you are drawing the prana in, then shake and flick the prana from your finger tips gently over the water.

Someone who is sick will benefit greatly from this water. The adept should always drink the highest of quality water and will be incorporated when then practitioner is ready to do so in daily life.

Keep up The Great Work...

Love you all so very much