Lesson 10 - Recharging Others

Recharging Others
If you have family or a friend that is very much lacking life force energy, you can help them with the very exercise.
They must also be open to receiving this to benefit fully.
Note: These exercises are a part for the development from the course and won't be able to achieve the desired result or inner standing unless you have walked the course and have. true relationship with these exercises.
As you go through the course it will become very apparent that you must have the foundations as you move through.
(This is best done outside on soil with the feet/body grounding discharging positive ions)
Find chairs if possible and sit in front of each other, your toes touching and holding hands, this closes the circuit between you both.
Both breathe rhythmically
(this can be done without the other breathing rhythmically but is enhanced if the other can also do it)
You create the mental image/form that you are sending prana into their system while for best results they form the mental image they are receiving prana into their system.
(the mental image is as before, with the inhale breathe you pull in the prana and the exhaling breathe send and direct the prana out through the hands.
See that you are a circuit, please note that this should be done with beings who you know have no bad intentions to you, as for a short while negative thoughts and intentions can be felt or seen as the field transfers the wave but once you close the circuit you remove the connection and will cause no effect.
Finish with the cleasing breath.