Lesson 1 - Vibration and X Frequency/Rhythmic Breathing

Welcome to the Vibration and X Frequency/Rhythmic Breathing

Within our existence all is V-i-B-ra-T-ion...

From the stars to the plants, the birds and the bees, all matter is that of vibration...

Without such wonder Matter could not exist...

Form is a play of vibrations that create shape in unlimited forms, it's just about for-tuning the right T-one...

But no vibrational form is permanent, its shape changes as the fre-que-n-cy does. Alongside this, the reality from the energy is unchangeable and eternal...

Our bodies are continually vibrating from the source of each magnetic field (atom) and as we are away through our physical bodies, our cells are constantly renewing and after some time we have completely new T-issue.

All vibrational laws are set to a frequency.

In the occult side of X breathing science we base everything on the principles of nature...

By becoming in union with the frequency body, one can soak up a significant amount of Life force/chi/prana/energy.

Have you all heard that a certain note played with an instrument being repeated in rhythm/frequency will begin a subtle movement of vibrations that can cause a bridge to fall? This effect of Frequency/Rhythmic breathing in motion can give you an insight into the effects within the body.

If your whole system joins the vibration and is balanced with the WiLL it will respond instantly with the WiLL.

With great practice in this breath, one can easily:

  1. Channel Energy/prana/life force/chi to any part of the body
  2. Increase circulation
  3. Increase the nerve stimulation
  4. Heal yourself and others

You can absorb large amounts of Life force energy and be in full control of it, and can be sent/disposed of at your WiLL.

It can be used to transport thought, attract the same vibrational beings, mental healing, magnetic healing and Telepathy to name a few.

This type of breathing will increase these fields 2, 3, 4, 5 times.

Getting Started

With this breath the main focus is to acquire the mental idea of rhythm, just like a musician who will use the mental idea of measuring counts. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

We use the base rhythm of our heart beat. Everyone's heart may beat differently and this is attuned specifically for you.

To find your rhythm, place two fingers over your pulse and count, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 until this has found union within you.

Have some practice with this so that you can easily do it again without testing.

Beginners will usually inhale to about 6 beats but will increase immensely with this breath.

Make sure for this Breathing we are Inhaling and exhaling the same amount of beats and while retaining the breath, we should have around half of the number of beats through inhaling and exhaling.

So if it is 6 beats of inhale, then 3 beats hold and 6 beats exhale.

Please note that this exercise should be Mastered. As this will be a foundation for the many exercises to Follow.

  1. Step 1: Sit straight in an Easy posture (easy pose). Make sure the spine is straight, keep the chest up with the head and neck in a straight line as possible, shoulders back and rest your hands in your lap.
  2. Inhale a complete breath counting six pulse beats.
  3. Retain counting the 3 pulse beats or half the number of beats you inhale.
  4. Exhaling slowly through your nose, counting 6 pulse beats.
  5. Count 3 pulse beats between the breaths.
  6. Repeat this lots of times but just try to avoid fatigue as you begin to practise this.
  7. Do the cleansing breath to bring rest and cleanse the system.

Once you start this practice you will be able to work your way to 14-16 pulse beats...

Try to focus your attention in practice on the rhythm rather than the length of the breath; it is much more important.

Keep practicing until you feel the sway of movement and you can almost feelĀ  the rhythm of the vibratory motion throughout your whole body.

We are virtuous and patient so be patient in your practice as it is only these qualities that will bring a true seeker to the powers attainable by these exercises...

Expect nothing and receive the greatest gifts of the uni-verse...magnifi-cence...