Lesson 1 - Nostril Vs. Mouth Breathing

X-Breath The Lost Art of Breathing - Nostril vs Mouth Breathing

Our first Session in the X breath Lost Art of Breathing is NOSTRIL VS MOUTH BREATHING..

TO-GET-HER we will L-earn how to breathe through the nostrils to overcome the common practice of mouth-breathing.


The mechanisms of our breath are created so that we may breathe through our nose or our mouth, but there is a difference as one will bring health and vitality and the other will bring weakness and disease.

If we have young children we should try to teach them to breathe through the nostrils by closing the lips and allowing the breath to flow naturally, and when they sleep, tilt the head forward which will close the lips and make the nostril breathing natural. This will be great for the new life and create balance.

There are many studies that have been conducted showing that mouth breathers develop disease, while the correct nostril breather is free from disease.

Our respiratory system has one protective filter in the nostrils...

If we breathe through the mouth there is no protection from mouth to lungs to filter the air...

Also mouth breathing brings cold air to the organs and causes inflammation to your respiratory system and injury over time...

This is going against a natural law and is only leading you to a pain body manifestation.


The NOSTRILS are two narrowing channels that create a spiralling effect, which has an incredible amount of small strong hairs to filter, catch and clean the air of its impurities, these are pushed back out in the action of breathing outwards,

Not only is this of grand importance, they create a warming of the air being intaken into your system, this happens by the layer of mucous membrane that lines the inner channel of the nose, bringing warm air to the throat and precious lungs doing no damage and this is the correct breathing for our body, any foreign object in the nose nature has our back and we sneeze projecting the problem away from our system.

I'm sure we have all fallen asleep with an open mouth and wake with a sore dry throat....

If we look at the animal kingdom we can see that no animals will ever sleep with a mouth open...

It is a habit created through modern mans systems and lack of nurturing themself in nature in natural livity far removed from the S-up-er natural cap-abilities we all have..

The nose breathing is an important filtration system as distillation is for your water,

As your mouth is for chewing....

If you see that we should no more breathe through our mouths, as much as we would try to consume food through our nose...

If one breathes through the nose is not likely to be troubled with blocked channels as the other mouth breather will find a blocking arise.


One is to sniff lightly with water on a spoon and allow it to trickle through the channel into the mouth and you can spit out,

Two, immerse the face in water and  slightly pull air in via the throat to draw in water through the nose and then spit out , but this takes some function and practice..

So if you want to try, start with the first option.

A slight bicarb/salt solution may be added.

Half teaspoon in 200 ml of each..

Then collected in the spoon and sniffed.

Three there is also another way without water, go outside or open your window, close one nostril with your thumb and close the mouth...

Take a deep strong inhale and exhale, do this on the other nostril and repeat this several times, You will find this will clear obstructions from the passages..

If there is catarrh you can apply coconut oil and rub in the nostril and try the above breathing method or sniff up a small witch Hazel extract, rising and evening for 3 days and then once every so often...

Take great consideration to this PRACTICE as this is the leading path way to expand into this course and is one of the B-AS-I-C exercises within the science of X breath...



Please become familiar with this and practice every day until you are breathing this way.

We love you all so very much

Have an incredible day

Stay present in every moment, do not lose sight in thought. You are here and now,keep the active practice of attentive presence.

You will find life..