Welcome to the X Breath The Lost Art of Breathing

Welcome to The Lost Art Of Breath

With this course we walk you through the very foundations of mastering Breath, the Air EL-E-MENT

Breath is life, and respir-at-ion...

To re-spire is to spiral, the vortex of pure life force...

Sacred geometry of life.

If our lungs were to be spread out they would cover a complete surface area of 14,000 ft, all of this magnifi-cence will be-co-me apparent when mastery of the breath has been attained.

The Air is drawn in to our lungs by the Dia-ph-ra-g-m, which is as automatic as our heart.

Our mi-ss-ion this through this course is to transform it to a semi voluntary muscle by the efforts of our will plus much more.

The Four Methods of Respir-at-ion:

There are 4 basic breaths that we will teach, called the four methods of respir-at-ion:

  1. Low breathing
  2. Mid breathing
  3. High breathing
  4. Complete breathing.

The 7 Minor Exercises

This will lead us to 7 minor exercises once the basics are integrated and innerstood:

  1. Retained breath
  2. Lung cell stimulation
  3. Rib stretching
  4. Chest expansion
  5. Walking exercise
  6. Rising exercise
  7. Stimulation of circulation

Other abilities we will s-how and guide you through:

  1. Prana distributing breath
  2. Pain inhibiting
  3. Self healing
  4. Distant healing
  5. Emotional control
  6. Charging water
  7. Brain stimulating
  8. Directing circulation
  9. Vibration and rhythmic breathing
  10. Psychic breath
  11. Thought projection
  12. Forming an aura
  13. Transmutation of reproductive energy

Plus more cap-abilities to the breath which will be unveiled as the course is in swing.

Just as our bodies receive nourishment from the food that is assimilated, poor assimilated food means a poorly nourished body.

Our breath is key to the assimilation of food through digestion and our blood stream.

So with improper breathing, it becomes poorly assimilated food and the cycle continues.

This is another Key element, just as the living foods are and were in your transition.

If you have been actioning the courses from the beginning, you would have felt the life changing benefits of living food physically and beyond.

With this course you will leap in vibrancy and well being, not only physically but far beyond and break Bound-aries seeing new perception and being the master of breath.... (air)

We love you all...