Exercise 7 - Circulation Stimulation

For this exercise, try to find a stick/cane around the height of your sternum or we can use our visualisation.

  1. Stand upright in good posture.
  2. Inhale the complete breath and keep it retained.
  3. Slightly bend forward and grasp the stick or cane steady and firm, slowly add pressure and exert your entire strength on the handle/grasp.
  4. Let go of the grasp by releasing the pressure slowly and as you do, slowly exhale.
  5. Repeat this 10 times.
  6. Finish with a cleansing breath.

This exercise drives the arterial blood to all of the system, while drawing back the venous blood to the heart and the lungs so that it may uptake oxygen which the inhaled air is holding. If you have bad circulation there will not be enough blood in the lungs to absorb the increased amount of oxygen that is inhaled, so with the increased capacity, this exercise will benefit and increase the power and healing and function of the body's systems.

End Of The 7 Developing Exercises

Practice these 7 developing exercising for the next 3 days.

Stay present family, remember you are the gift.

It is uni-inu and you are it.

No longer external be-lie-f.

We are bringing the p-ower to you, you need not seek anymore.

Just have trust in this experience and let us point you to the light. AT-ONE-MENT...uni-on...

Ready p-layer Won...

All the mi-ra-cles of creat-ion

S-even to EL-even

Micro and Macrocosm...

Spirit and Matter


The road to Z-ion...

Love and light Be-au-ti-ful family.

Stay here and now...

Drop all the illusion and surrender every thought.