Exercise 5 - Chest Expansion

I assure that the routine of Practice with the breathing exercises are becoming integrated and in-joyble.

For higher experiences as we progress into the course, it's very important that we L-earn or system and become sensitive to the nature of our breath.

Do not expect wisdoms and real power without your practice. We must walk before we run, and crawl first.

We have 3 more exercises to go in The S-even X breath Development Exercises.

Next is Chest Expansion

This exercise is self explanatory. It is a great exercise for gaining chest expansion. Use this in moderation a few times over 7 days.

  1. Sit straight in good Post-ure.
  2. Inhale with a Complete Breath.
  3. Keep the air retained.
  4. Place arms outward, extending level with your shoulders, clench your fists and join the fists together.
  5. Now with great intensity swing the arms back keeping the alignment with the shoulders.
  6. Come back to position 4, and again swing the arms back.
  7. Repeat this 33 times.
  8. Exhale with great power through an open mouth.
  9. Finish with a cleansing breath.