Exercise 3 - Stimulation of The Cells from the Lungs

This will activate and excite the air cells in the lungs, but as you are learning this, please take it slow and at any given time, do not over indulge too much.
You may find some dizziness as you integrate with this exercise the first few times. If you do, walk around and take a break for a while.

  1. Stand straight with your hands by your sides. Breathe the complete breath as slow as you can.
  2. As you are inhaling, softly tap your chest with your finger tips and keep moving the finger's positions as you continue tapping. When your breath is full, retain the breath and pat the chest with your open hands and keep moving hand positions.
  3. Breathe out with lips in a whistle shape and blow firm.
  4. Now finish with a cleansing breath.

This breath is stimulating to your whole system and is strong in our practice.

Most peoples have many dead/dormant /inactive air cells which have been atrophied over time due to lack of use.

If you have been improperly breathing for many years, it will be some practice before you activate these but your persistent practice will be the evidence of how much you will improve.

This is definitely worth your time and energy.