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Welcome to the Fle-x fitness community challenge.

What a pleasure to bring you the beginning of a huge library of fitness for all beings, we will be adding new programmes and exercises creating different classes in step aerobics, home workouts and challenges over time
Here we will have a course dedicated to the progression of your chosen channel of fitness to aid you reach your go-als in the most efficient ways possible.
Michelle and I have extensive experience in this field collectively 45 years in which we have helped thousands of people break boundaries in the sport and rehabilitate injuries.
So, whether you would like to Gain more muscle and strength, gain strength without more muscle mass, lose fat, get fit, shrink your waist, aid in detox and feeling great we challenge you to challenge yourself and find your zenith in the phy-cycle..
Try some home challenegs and gym work..
This is just the begining
Thank you all so much from the depths of our being for sharing this wonderful experience with us, for your love, kindness and support.
Michelle, I and Little X welcome you with love x