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Our Journey And The Spiritual and Meditation Aspect of intense training regimes

For Michelle and I the journey of resistance training began between the ages 0f 12 and 16, before we had found mastery over the self/consciousness we had our attention and dedication towards mastering the physical.

With focus on creating what we perceived to be the ultimate shape and strength attainable for our individual bodies, at each moment we made the right choices consciously to the very best to our knowledge at those particular moments to achieve this.

This kept us away from the "World" and its mainstream ways, Junk food, Alcohol, drugs, Clubs, TV and all the drama in that energy field, this led to seeing all the lies in the world and discovering the true nature and purpose of the "Matrix" at an early age.

Everyday there was a devotion to the Art of Transforming our form, from rising to Sleep...

Each moment in the gym was an absolute disconnection from the mind, with a meditation going through the pain barriers to "complete" muscle failure and the retuning to the body, to then care for it with nourishment and food.

Learning how the body burns fat while maintaining muscle, gaining muscle (hypertrophy), recovery, in its most efficient way. And of course, innerstanding diet and food plans as the most important role of one's transformation.

Michelle and I had some time in competitive BODYBUILDING and is actually how we met, in a gym working hard for our next competition (which we never did as from the moment we first spoke was the last time would be apart).

I actually had my body fat as low as 1-2% and Michelles not recorded but i can say it was around 8% which is very low for a woman.

Together we went on a magikal journey to nature, growing our food and becoming self-sufficient, while helping family and families heal bodies, mind and re-joining the spirit. UNI-PHI-C-AT-ION.

In essence, to take care of one's body in all ways without Ego/desire is a must, keep the body moving and it will keep you in movement.

Take care of your health and you will be heal-thy..

Not only is the body a tool from the spirit but a spiritual tool...