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Heart Rate Training Zones

Selecting An Ideal Weight

As you become accustom with your training regime, you will learn over time which weights to select for your performing exercise. In the beginning stages it is very important to not lift heavy before you are fully conditioned to do so, this is why we have a beginner, intermediate and advanced systems to follow.


  • Always choose a lighter weight when warming up on the first few sets
  • Try to gauge your lifting ability when warming up with the amount of difficulty and reps performed (this will allow you to know roughly how many reps will be performed with what weight chosen)
  • It is paramount that you never lift too heavy but choosing a weight that can be lifted while applying muscle under tension with 2-3 seconds up and 2-3 seconds down through the movements with strict proper form, with the guided rep ranges,you will know when it's too heavy as you will not be able to lift it strictly