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Pyramid Sets

Pyramid sets are another very good technique to add into an advanced training system to shock the muscles, resulting in more results.

Combining high and low reps with little rest you are hitting many different types of muscle fibres, you are also pulling in a huge amount of blood during the higher rep phase preparing them for the heavy phase it is a must try for all in the advanced stage of resistance training.

Note that overtraining is possible, it is not the time you spend in the gym but the intensity and this would be performed once after warming up on each exercise.

In a pyramid set you are moving up or down this pyramid. With an ascending Pyramid you can do high reps (and light weight) to Low reps (and heavy weight) Or with a Descending Pyramid doing low reps (and heavy weight) to High reps (and light weight)

  • Note that each pyramid set is with no rest apart from to change the weight and to failure around the chosen rep range.

Starting with ascending pyramid lighter weight one would aim for around 20 reps before failure, then with as little rest as possible increase the weight so you can now do around 12-15 reps, then increase the weight again with as little rest as possible and aim for around 7-10 reps , increase the weight again with little rest and aim for 2-6 reps

With a descending pyramid using a heavy weight to start (after a warm up) aiming for around 2-6 reps, again decrease the weight with as little rest as possible aiming for around 6-8 reps, decrease the weight again for 10-12 reps and one final decrease in weight and to

This will create a huge shock and stress to the system the training sessions will be a lot shorter but very intense.

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