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Plank & Wall sit 30 day home challenge

The Plank pose which is designed to strengthen and activate the CORE , works the arms, shoulders, legs and abs..

Push yourself to try this at home, and if you can add this to your daily routine with the gym, more power to you..

Lets begin this Challenge


The Plank Challenge



Hold the plank in these time frames for each day..

Go at your own pace, do it in sets if one needs to, but try these every day for 30 days and see your progress...

After this Challenge you can continue to push yourself, or keep up the 3 min Plank every day or just a few times a Strong..... (week)


Wall Sit Challenge

The Ski sit is a great exercise for your Core, legs and will activate the quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes.

We challenge you to add this on top of the 30 day Plank challenge and see if by day 30 you can meet the 5 min mark..

Good luck



Time yourself, start off with the suggested times to condition the body and see if you can make the 5 min mark in 30 days !!!!!!!!

If you have to do it in sets, that is also fine, take time and advance at you own abilities.


Good luck