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Muscle Under Tension & Speed Of Repetitions (Time Under Tension)

These 2 are some of the most important things one should do for proper muscle engagement and lifting/training efficiency.

Muscle under tension - Keeping the muscle under tension when doing repetitions during sets without locking is the most efficient for a rep.

Speed of repetitions - Keeping the reps strict and slow (around 2-3 seconds up and 2-3 seconds down) along with constant muscle under tension is going to prevent swinging/cheat reps, prevent overload of weight, protecting from injury and bring better blood flow and pumps.

Combine both and it is called time under tension. Time under tension is the most effect way to build and shape the muscles. There is no short cut with this method, it can bring immense pleasure/pain in being one with the muscle and feeling every rep as the burn increases with each rep.