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Muscle Mind Connection

The beauty with muscle mind connection is being fully connected with the targeted muscle, feeling the movement throughout each rep with mind focus that it is being contracted, pushed, pulled in the correct angle and feeling it elongate as you return the weight. This will intern use the specific muscle rather than bringing in others to aid in its lifting.

Go to the quite space within and connect with your body, bringing in proper form, for higher functioning lifts. Feel the movement and adjust angle until you feel that connection in movement.

Do not just lift weights for the sake of it, swinging the body to aid the lift.

Take time, be one with the movement and really work the body.

You will get much more quality in every aspect with the Muscle mind connection try these tips.

  • Focus on training the muscle and not lifting the weight
  • Use visualisation to see inside the muscle as it contracts along with the blood flow and breaking down of the fibres
  • Learn to flex each muscle individually also being able to connect while out of the gym 
  • Warm up with light weights, feel the form and get the movement correct before heavy lifts