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Heart Rate Training Zones


Welcome to the Beginners training programme for strength, fat loss, muscle size, shape and wellness.

It is important that when begin this type of training we do what is called COMPOUND lifting. This is to build a good foundation before we move on to isolation and more advanced systems...

We also try to keep to machine weights here, this way our body doesn't use the stabilization muscles yet that normally would be engaged when using free weights.

Keep your sessions around about 50% of your maximum lifts and avoid going to muscle failure as one will experience intense D.O.M.S (delayed onset muscle soreness}..

If you are not a member of a gym yet, and you would like to get some experience before joining we highly recommend our 30 day all over body home work out challenge first..

If you have any questions please ask on the telegram or a Q&A session..

Good luck on your journey x