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Heart Rate Training Zones

High Intensity/progressive overload

High intensity/Progressive overload training to us is a great way to really progress and spend as little time in the gym as possible.

This can be done week in week out with a few of the other advanced training systems added in from time to time.

The idea is to warm with 2 light sets per exercise and then get into a working set. A working set will consist of very slow (around 3 seconds up 3 seconds down), strict reps to failure and increasing the weight each set for a total of 4 sets each set to failure with a maximum, if possible, 7 seconds rest between the change of weight.

The first set would be 15 reps, then around 10, then 6 then 2-4, this would be classed a 1 set but is all you need for each exercise.

This is high intensity and will bring your workout time down and will suit some with time and training efficiency, let us know if you in-joy it.

Do not try to do more than the one working set each exercise, OVERTRAINING is possible in doing so and will halt progression and can lead to possible injury.

Note the pain that is felt during the set is beyond words but is in-joy-able, by now you should know the difference between injury and training/pump muscle pain, go careful and this again is for advanced training.