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Food for bodybuilding/mass/strength.

It is important to know that your body is the most efficient machine and does not want to keep hold of excess muscle unless it is needed, as it takes MORE energy to maintain MORE MASS.
Resistance training will change the shape, bring more strength and size but will only to a certain point that the level of available energy to fuel the new tissue.
We are forcing the body to respond by new muscle growth, gaining strength and size through frequent heavy resistance training and eating sufficient volume with frequency to maintain or gain (goal dependant)
Your body will only grow to a certain capacity with a certain amount of food intake.
If you are not gaining size, it's time to add an additional me-al into your day...
A rule of thumb for most people training is to know that fruit and vegetables are assimilated, and the availability of fuel has left the system after around 3 hours, so you need to be consuming food every 3 hours while you are awake. If you are really wanting mass, there will be a stage where you can wake up during sleep and eat but is only for very extreme bodybuilding who need to break certain limits.
Within this bracket our body stays ANABOLIC, being in an anabolic state, means that your body is stimulating protein synthesis which in turn makes your muscle grow and out of that time it goes CATABOLIC. With catabolism, the body destroys existing tissue to use as energy. When your body is breaking down muscle or fat to use as energy because your body is facing a calorie deficit.
Our bodies on a whole food diet have powerful hormones and we can utilise them without the need for external chemicals such as steroids... No judgement if one chooses to...
It is not so well known but a fact that testosterone is much higher in Vegans and has been studied since the 90s.  I had mine checked recently and was way off the usual charts.
Food is K-in-G but one must know how to fuel....
We must begin with consuming living food and paying attention to the subtle changes our bodies have with foods.
Please know that you will still see changes without changing diet, but the results will vary depending on what one's diet is, we strongly feel that the food for the body is grown and given to us from the EA-R-T-H effortlessly in the form of fruit, if one innerstands that, yes muscle is made of protein but is synthesised (made in the body) by glucose and amino acids.
Our bodies make protein, and do not require eating protein, proteins need to be broken down into smaller chains of amino acids which is an inferior food, taking some of the prana away..
Our simplest form of nutrition, the least resistance within our system, healing and anabolic, life giving, sweet, bares a seed and drops from a tree.
Is the greatest from our garden, organically
But most not being in the correct climate for fruit abundance, a whole food plant - based diet is going to be the foundation for many, predominantly fruit and raw but with some cooked.
Nothing artificial or shop made, avoiding oils, chemical in trusting the natural livity.
If you are all fruit, it is great when the abundance is flowing, eat plenty full, stay observant with the changes of the physique and you will learn how to adjust it with changing food frequency and types of foods at times of day to suit what your creating.
Good luck and injoy the process with the go-als set with intention.