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Wholefood meal examples for an average day for FEMALE performance - athlete/weightlifter

These times are a guideline, and it all depends on your rising and sleep patterns, please do what feels right for you as eating more may take some time to incorperate..
As soon as one rises- Breakfast 
300 ml of orange juice
(This will hydrate the system and fill the body full of simple glucose that will get straight onto the muscle, light the spark to fuel and power the body for the coming day)
A smoothie
200 ml of orange juice
2 bananas
1/2 mango
1 avocado
11.30am - Meal -Example
1 cucumber chopped.
1 large avocado mashed (salt to taste)
1 vine tomatoes or 10 cherry tomatoes
1 x lemon juice
Salt to taste and mix
boil, grill, oven 150 grams of squash (mash/cube /or slice in half before cooking and oven)
Salt to taste
A Smoothie
You can repeat the 1st smoothie as it is great tasting or if you feel the need to change please do.
100 grams of strawberries
Handful of Grapes
1 small avocado
150 ml of orange juice
1 bananas
A fruit bowl (please make sure you find a system that works in rotation for your meals to eat ripe fruit perfectly sweet and key for optimum nutrition)
2 x sliced golden kiwi
Handful of red grapes
1 sliced/cubed apple
5 strawberries
Training 6pm (my sessions last around 45 mins to max 1hr with very high intensity)
There is a definite no need for pre or post workout drinks
A coconut
or 300ml of orange juice (sip through the session)
Post workout
Within 20 to 30 mins of finishing workout.
2 bananas, some whole fruits like watermelon, 2 mangoes 1/2 large papaya
Feel free to consume anything from our recipes or what you choose.
simple example
1 medium sweet potatoes/white potato
1/2 Broccoli (steamed)
Avocado Dip
1/2 large cucumber
Small beetroot raw chopped with lemon
1 vine tomato
11pm (optional)
A small Juice, coconut water
or a few bananas or pieces of fruit - this would be for maximum strength and muscle gain, it is not a necessity
For fat loss, remove the cooked meal at 9pm and replace it with raw foods.
This meal plan is for building muscle and strength, ONE MUST be focused on consuming food, as an integral part of your mi-ss-ion.
If you find yourself at a plateau and your training is perfect, you need to consume more food...
This eating plan should be able to take one though boundaries and build good size.
Use your own initiative, you may need to eat smaller portions and work up to this volume so pay attention to your muscles/energy/fat and hunger, if that is the case -  eat as frequent but make the meals smaller
Feel free to manipulate the diet as it is a rough guideline of what one should be eating like to fuel a powerful weightlifting/training physique.
If you consume nuts and raw food cakes in-joy them through your day.
But these may cause small slight fat storing and acidity but is not detrimental, keep your awareness on it and you will notice.
Any questions see you on the Q and A... For individual diet plans catered for your personal body weight and goal, they will be available at request in booking in for a consultation.
We love you so much