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Changing Angle Of Grip

These are the main hand grips used during resistance exercise.

  • Under hand grip
  • Over hand grip
  • Side Grip
  • Vice Grip
  • Wide Grip
  • Close Grip

Some grips will give you more ability to hold heavier weights than others, but a great advantage of changing grips is that you will slightly change the emphasis on the targeted muscle so, for body sculpting it is a key element in creating a 3-dimensional balanced physique.

Here are some examples of the grips

UNDER & OVERHAND GRIP (Used mainly for Back, Biceps and Triceps)

 VICE GRIP (For Deadlift Grip - stops rolling of the bar which can be helpful for heavier weights)

CLOSE GRIP VS WIDE GRIP (Used for Bench press, Back, Biceps, Triceps, Shoulder Press)

SIDE GRIP (Used for Back, Biceps & Triceps)