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Heart Rate Training Zones


Aerobic exercise is also known as cardio, it is essentially an exercise that requires pumping oxygenated blood from the heart, supplying the muscles being worked with oxygen..

The heart rate increases the greater intensity the aerobic exercise is, this ensures the oxygen required for the level of activity is being met.

Aerobic or Cardio is activated on average once the heart rate is over 130bpm (bmp = beats per minute)


    • Heart gets stronger and pumps more volume of blood with eat beat (stroke volume)
    • Increase Fitness
    • Lower resting heart rate
    • All the muscles have a better ability to uptake oxygen (due to increased enzyme activity in the blood)
    • Natural detoxification method
    • Increases available energy
    • Positive effect on emotions

This is not the best exercise for burning fat and maintaining muscle, too much cardio will inhibit possible gains for those looking to bulk up, so balance can be key here, but is all goal dependant. It will also aid in some fat loss. For us when we are burning fat we keep our heart rates just below 130 bpm for at least 30 mins twice a day (intense weightlifting will keep your heart rate around this).

Here are some examples of exercises that are good for Aerobic or Cardio strength

  • Running
  • Hill climbing
  • Cross trainer
  • Step classes
  • Aerobics
  • Spinning
  • Rowing
  • Boxing..

A healthy dose of cardio would be 1 x 15 min session a day along with your resistance training, do this preferably as a warm up or at a later point in the day..

Whatever you do, do it with focus, determination, passion and love x