Equinox FAST complete REFEED time

Its Refeed Time 

Well done incredible to attain such mastery over the food EL-e-ment.. It is now time to in-joy the incredible sensation and satiation of food...

Take it slow, you see from the fast there has been a distilling of the Gut and is time to culture some bacteria. As during the fast there would have been some dying off of bacteria, fungus and all parasitic hosts in the system, and a small amount beneficial bacteria will have decreased due to the lack of need for them...

Here we rebuild and re-culture these beautiful friends of ours..

We only suggest breaking this fast with ripe fruits, such as pear, peaches, plums, mango, apple, grapes, papaya and melon..

Eat slow and be so very present with this moment.. allow time after each fruit to assimilate and work its magick try not to rush here.

Many over feed here from insatiable desire, trust us - it will not serve you.

Half a large papaya for example or 3 pears or 3 peaches or even half a watermelon will be ample for 30-60 mins and maybe try to consume that level of food every 3 hours for the coming 3 days days..

On the 2nd day you may introduce more complexity such as mixing fruits and continue to do so as you work your way to where you wish to eat as a norm for yourself.

Very X-cited to hear what one is having and look forward to the sharing in our forums and telegram .

To Abundance, Healing, Love and light

We love you X family