We are not in any way trained by the medical industry, but have had many years of X-peri-ence with watching thousands of beings shift in wellness, recover from diseases and elevate awareness to such peaceful states in what we do and share with everyone.

Make sure that you are in absolute control of your choices and embark on this journey by choice. Know that we can share our journey with everyone and the limitless benefits it has brought us and others.

This is very much down to your  journey and how you approach mind/body and wiLL/devotion.

Ask yourself, am I here to heal a chronic disease, am I here to just Xperience, am I here to find peace, balance and purify in my body/avatar/vessel...

Never judge yourself, you are here, past and future do not exist, can never exist and will never exist. they are concepts formed by the ego to interpret each moment for you from memory. Identifying with these thoughts causes a great deal of suffering as one is separate from the moment which has no strings attached, just experiencing..

Try to use our Telegram or Q and A on Sunday for help and keep community chat for support and encouragement.

If you eat or brake your fast even for 1 meal, try to eat fruit, and leave your consumption of fruit where it was and continue in each moment to live in accordance to your true will.

Be kind to yourself, it does not serve one who is constantly in thought, battling themselves, should I, shan't i, I wish I could, I wish I didn't....

Leave that stream of thought alone and give your attention to the present moment fully, they soon pass.

Once you have aligned the body, dis-ease will never be an issue, so be strong,

The key here is to be free from thoughts, desires, emotional content and experience, feel , and increase you capped ablities from content to field.

You are the ultimate source of power, as the s-EL-f uni-phi-ed with the field as the all seeing awareness of Xperience that can never be found- you are the creator and we are here to guide you slow and steady to this space - with your application and devotion.

Love you all