Welcome to a advanced level of breaking bound-aries to true heightened perceptions,There is nothing more important for breaking this reality open and raising your experience than Innerstanding virtues and becoming virtuous in every action. This will reveal the game and its function once mastered...

Xfamunity 10 day Equinox Food Challenge

L-eve-L uP

Welcome to Fle-x Fitness, everything one needs to bring the Physical to Peak performance and Aesthetics

Breath is life, and respir-at-ion… To re-spire is to spiral, the vortex of pure life force… Sacred geometry of life. If our lungs were to be spread out they would cover a complete surface area of 14,000 ft, all of this magnifi-cence will be-co-me apparent when mastery of the breath has been attained. The Air is drawn in to our lungs by the Dia-ph-ra-g-m, which is as automatic as our […]

You should only be consuming foods in its wholistic state and that which bears seeds are the optimum source of fuel. Your body makes protein via protein synthesis from amino acids and uses glucose as a primary food source, and to keep this in a constant supply, real fruit is key to awaken the true life force inside us all.

Welcome to the Journey of fasting, The fasted route to removing toxins, waste, inflammation, body fat, clearing brain fog, parasites, heavy metals and of course chronic disease. Since the beginning of time fasting has been a system used for healing, health and longevity of the Body with all of its systems. Not only on the body but connecting with higher dimensions of yourself, a "fast" evolution and seeing. Approach all […]