How can we nurture our children on this journey


Good day beautiful beings.
Hope everyone is well, balanced and in joy x
After the virtue course we will be bringing in a Conscious Parenting course to point to great ways we can raise our children on this path, how to teach, what to install and fun ways to encourage children to injoy learning.
In the matrix with its intensity and fast pace of most modern life's, it’s easy for mothers and fathers to lose sight of what’s most meaningful, for us raising children is the greatest opportunity to instil wholeness, purpose and a deep innerstanding of oneself in our children’s hearts.
One of the greatest gifts we can provide is to show our children how to navigate through life with compassion, wisdom and connection to the divine.
Our approach to raising children focuses on nurturing the full being, including their emotional intelligence, empathy, and inner life. Like adults, kids crave meaning and connection. We have the possibility to be the anchor that grounds them, here are some simple ideas that can spark your inner guide..
Interconnectedness – Through simple stories and pointing's that help children re-cognize that we are all part of one human family striving for happiness and joy. Encouraging a spirit of compassion towards all people, creatures, and the natural world.
Presence – Being fully attentive and focused, listening deeply when we are with our children. Setting aside phones, television and other distractions to show our kids they have our complete care and attention. Being present with everyday scenarios such as eating is just a perfect way to show them and this will eventually be mirrored as they mature.
Gratitude – Noticing and appreciating the many gifts in our lives, big and small. We can establish family rituals to give thanks and express fundamental gratitude daily. Simple exercises like writing down what we are grateful for brings a new diverse processing capability to think deeply and create the beginning of a beautiful awareness of that which is good .
Self-awareness – We strongly suggest that children tune into their thoughts, emotions, and body. We can guide them to observe their inner workings without judgment. Introducing tools like awareness, meditation, reflection and contemplation.
Awareness of the WORLD- Most of us through our own journey have discovered many lies that the mainstream agenda uses as truth, but it is those lies that propelled us into a higher evolution...For example we can tell our kids we need to eat plant based whole foods for health and sugar is bad but we must not forget we had to innerstand that ourselves to consciously choose plant based wholefood living as a lifestyle. So lets teach our children why things are bad and not just tell them they are. This will create depth to their innerstanding and allow them to make wise conscious decisions themselves with or without your presence.
Purpose and meaning – Discovering together as a family what matters most, then focus activities and time around those core purposes building depth to those foundations.
Reverence and wonder – Making space to bring attention to the beauty, mystery and miracles of creation, simply identifying how special and sacred the natural world is.
One of the most profound differences we see is those that have been given television and devices to distract or fill up time, Letting them be brought up by tv personalities or films with lots of negative behavioural programming. By choosing mindful media you will have a completely different child. We advise you to be very selective about the types of media and technology your kids are exposed to. Promote choices that are thought-provoking, build empathy skills, provide calming and good focus.

Try to encourage free play and creativity by making time for your children to have space for unstructured creative play activities like art, music, journaling, building and making food with their own ideas allowing their natural expression to unfold.


Spending time in nature will bring a bond with the natural world which helps children appreciate nature’s beauty and reconnect with their innate sense of wonder. Take them hiking, camping, swimming and of course gardening to watch the magnificence of creation grow in front of them and seeing it is so rewarding for them to pick and eat what they have planted,
It is also very wholesome to volunteer as a family to help kids see compassion in action. Look for everyday ways to care for others – baking for a sick neighbour, donating old toys which aids in the ability to let go of old things by losing the attachment to objects they call theirs.
Learning together is very interactive and rewarding by taking on the role of co-learner. Trying to gain knowledge alongside your child, rather than a teacher. We will encourage our children to be more open to questioning and creative ideas, free from any worries about being wrong.
Homeschooling for us was of most importance, to not follow the busi-ness corporate teachings but to teach what we know to be true and allow the expansion of useful gnosis.. Creating friendship groups with like minded children on the same path is very wholesome.
As Mothers and Fathers we are also learning and Elevating ourselves to teach as any intentional, conscious practice requires patience, persistence and compassion towards ourselves and our children as we are learning together.
For a moment just imagine the positive impact if more kids grew up guided by these principles. It would and will create a future generation with greater empathy, less fear anxiety, more resilience and an inner compass to create a more balanced, sustainable, joyful collective.
Remember it is not about following rigid rules to someone else's structure but living in alignment with your family’s highest values and becoming your own unique blueprint together.
There are no wrongs or rights and only through conscious effort will we grow in wisdom and innerstanding
There will be endless teachable moments through the daily joys and issues of parenting. Try the slow and steady approach by meeting each challenge with presence. This allows conscious choice rather than reactivity, meaning we chose how to respond from self awareness rather than the automatic mind/ego unconscious reactivity
Each small interaction is an opportunity to model awareness in the face of adversities like fear, anxiety, anger, pain and doubt.
Taking this narrow but expansive path is very rewarding, but as we walk the path, continue to let go as the idea of perfection exists in the ego- if it is not met one can be disappointed and suffer from wishing to change what was.
Live in this moment as this is all the is, was and will be.
So to all the Mothers and Fathers with us, keep the intention to nurture wholeness that permeates everything you do and say.
Our children absorb everything they see, hear and experience. May they absorb your wholeness in virtue, presence, presence, reverence and compassion
You are nurturing their inner light, providing a straight path to guide them through trials and tribulations .
This is the single most important thing we can do for our children and humanity.
Have the most perfect day
May all of your days be blessed with presence, joy, love, abundance and prosperity x.
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