Happy Sunday - Pointings for MAIN-TEN-ence and Q&A info


Happy Sunday X family,

By your presence you are in unity with others that seek answers and apply the truth of what the science in your observations show,

The X family seek the good in the phi-cycles and pull those experiences by our vibration with the choices and actions which take.

Old E-go functional process's get replaced with sweeter upgraded perceptions, and power instead of force is seeded.

There is no need to try control or dominate the effortless flow of experience.. As all phenomenal reality is presented as it should when it should..

Before the manifestation of the AEtherical mind, the higher mind is shadowed via a personal identity with creates L-imitations and the limits are held in the cycles of the psyche as beLIEfs (samsara)..

Many people experience "Ground Hog Day" as the lower mind beLIEves it must do that which it has done for survival and with any new dream of freedom creates fear and an unsettled illusion of possibilities to fail...

FAILING IS BUT A CONCEPT, HOLDING AN EXPECTATION OF THE EVENT YET TO HAPPEN.. Surrender these illusions for high frequencies and thus more freedom.

This keeps one in the desire for freedom, while little to no awareness that one is already free but again beLIEving they ARE NOT living with suffering from a desire.

We can look and plan goals with ACTIONS without desire to maintain happiness and freedom experiencing the moments of the journey, Lose the expectations of even-t-s, remove dissapointment, anger while becoming more patience with increased presence.

Letting go of any desire to change the PAST or control the Future..

Slow and steady can receive and perceive all that is NOW, if we don't let the program run (hare/rabbit) in reaction, one should gain awareness and presence first (turtle) and respond to life, by brining balance within before any action is taken.. This will bring protection to you by the divine via your virtuous living, keep observing as you will absolutely know this.

Remember even though things can be perceived by the Ego as the same, every moment is actually different. Take it all in, breathe the freshness, see the life force without mind relaying commentary, looking intensely with pure attention and live in gratitude for the ability to experience..

Never forget what it is like as awareness to be aware of nothing, then and only then can the constant gratitude be present.

Love and Gratitude for everyone and every moment..

Stay driving the senses, mind, body while letting of any idea that you "can control" the world... Just observe that which you do will change your world and the synchronised relationship to that.

The Q & A is most likely to be this Tuesday around 8pm.... This way it can allow others who may be opposing sides of the time zone to join us, we will send the invite to confirm..


The gift is `NOW, the NOW is INU-UNI and only the ONE has WON, injoy the dream dreamers.

Have the most beautiful day filled with joy, experiencing all the subtleness of now..

Love and light

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