Happy Solstice and X fast Challenge final day


Happy Solstice and end of the X fast community challenge.

What an incredible journey and transformation for so many of you….

No matter if you did one day or 21 days it was perfect for you, leave the wishes, should or shouldn’t of’s alone and be present in gratitude of what you have achieved.

As we continue to Elevate, focus on all of the positivity in each and every outcome.

Focus on what you have and not what you don’t have.

For the things you wish to experience call in that with your innate power to manifest…

The Solstice is a time for the Zenith of physical peak performance, every cell, every being, all life has the ability to absorb immense energy..

We dont waste it with junk food, negative thought patterns and destructive behaviour living in constant identity with the person!!

This all takes energy away from a free flowing reciprocating field of form….


We would like to congratulate everyone for the fast and also being aligned with what we share and point to….


The be-au-ti-ful simplicity of truth….


Have a beautiful day everyone.

Thankyou all for sharing your journey and juices..


Let us know how the refeed (see the course for information on how to) goes and let us know what has been the best part of your fast..




Infinite love and light



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