XFAMUNITY Community solstice Fast - 1 day 6 hours to go


Good day Xfamily.

We are approaching the Beginning of an inner evolution, a cellular clean-s-e, a time for abstinence and practice of the Lost art of nowness..

During this time we can connect to a space in each of us that is free from identity, expectation, anticipation, anxiety, depression all interpretation from ego.

We use this time to c-on-template and bring remedy to the suffering that one experiences.

All sufferings are illusions and this must be re-cognised to be FREE..

We wish for your freedom, peace and happiness with an expansion of gnosis and wisdom to bring an enriched experience in the perceived reality of physicality.

Even though once real-eyed the physicality is an impossibility and an untruth to the true nature of non physicality that manifests the dream of this world.

You are the Creator of your world, so lets tune the fortune that is for-tuning and be limitless in you true state of balance..


we love you so much..

Have a incredible day and embrace all that is with LOVE and KINDNESS in constant GRATITUDE x

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