Day 1 Solstice X fast


Good day wonderful X family.
We have Began day 1 of our X fast, summer solstice cleanse.
We are injoying out first day, making sure we have enough juice to fuel our physical training..
Great to see everyone on the telegram group chat interacting and sharing juices.
Thankyou for all the comments letting us know what you are doing!!
We are having such beautiful weather in the UK, the moon is about so the air is a little cooler but skies have been clear and just magical, isn't fasting a lot easier when the weather is warm.
As we progress into the first few days hunger will start to drop away and vibrancy will flood the system.
Remember stay flexible to your self, and only do what is right for you, Any amount of time fasting serves great benefit for us...
Use this as a time to look at the internal and see what arises, slowly working the way through the illusions that cause suffering..
Make way for the clarity, the stillness and healing.
If there is any questions please ask
We will be holding space for the Q&A this Sunday at 11 am UK time as requested for Bali hours...
Excited to see everyone...
Have a blessed day
Infinite love and light
Thankyou all again for Michelle's lovely Earthday wishes, her day was perfect.
May all your be forever more
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