A Peaceful Discussion Wholefood fruit based, Plant based vegan Vs Carnivore


Happy Thursdays, hope all is well in the temple of SOLO-MON,

That all are slaying the dragon (ego) that causes fire in the mind and splits the psyche into a duality matrix of illusory concepts making the person believe that he/she is separate from the one.

if one missed it, Here we have a discussion with a beautiful Man on his journey and is going through a diet of carnivorous and fruit mix...

We gently discuss and give pointings to some interesting conceptual truths.

As al-ways we wiLL for the re-cognition of illusions, to cut the head off the de-mons and bring peace in the stillness of the self, the idea of a problem manifests the contents of iss-ues .. There is no issue it just is you... EGO.

We are the source of all things, lets be right-e-o-us and walk in the b-right light in peace love and harmony

Love you all xx

have a beautiful day Golden rays of Purity x

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