Winter Soltice Homeostasis - L-eve-L Up Today


Good day XFamily - Happy 1st of December to all, We are approaching the Solstice and one of our quarterly fasts.

Today we begin the L-eve-L up community cleanse, the L-eve-L up is from the 1st-3rd of December.
What is your L-EVE-L up?  Let us know..
Through these fasts we are adding longevity to our vessels, allow time for our bodies to heal and repair through the resting of our digestive systems.
No matter how many days you choose to do, it is incredible. I know most of us eat very clean throughout the year and extended fasts may not be needed or as important to do as those who are not eating as clean.
Injoy the light elevated body state and clarity that comes.
Injoy the unity and love with our community .
We are all very blessed to be walking this path and in communication together.
We all began the day with coconut water ❤️ such a blessing, Be sure to share your journey with us in the telegram group.. Little X's Favourite!!
Whatever you injoy today, have a beautiful day, in peace, love, joy, abundance and prosperity x
Virtue Charity on its way...
Sending Infinite Love And Gratitude L x
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