Virtue Humility -Now live-


Have faith and trust in that what is right for you is always present, until you know.

Growth comes in many different ways, physical, mental, spiritual. There are all an opportunity to balance life and bring mastery over existence.

Eating healthy, keeping fit, strong and in good mobility is essential but... it is key we let go of attachments that cause suffering....

What's happened has happend, what is , is and what will be will be. (Note a fear based mind will never innerstand this,  being too closed off to the reality to experience the synchronicities first hand)

Don't resist it mentally, do what you need to do, when you need to do it.. stay calm and become aware of the thought, feeling into reactivity.

The illusion projected from the subconscious mind.

Find a way to reconcile negative thoughts with positivity, always look on the b-right side of life. It will change how you experience life in such a light and joyous way..

It takes time and a strong will with a conscious effort to find the truth and change.

Liberation is key for your evolution...

Freedom is in you.

Heaven and hell are in you..

To be good is Godly to be evil is of the D-evil

To live backWORDs is evil, showing how without proper awareness one can be shut off from life.

Life is truth, good, godly and it's self

Life is false, evil, devilish and it's personified.


Be the effortless space which Is not resisting what is, as the wise one knows what serves.

No longer a prisoner to ones mind

But innerstanding the holistic functionality of the universe

Bless you



The Virtue Humility is now able to be read in the courses, time for the humble to rise.

Life is a gift, each and every day, each and every moment.

Have gratitude felt within for life even if it's just for a moment.


May your day be filled with joy that permeates all within your field.


Infinite love and light





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