The Lost Art Of Virtues **PATIENCE** Begins


Good day incredible family.

Wishing everyone a perfect day! A perfect day is what one perceives perfection to be. Through these virtues we build our temples consciously to live the perfect life, day after day happy and free.

This is an update to make all aware we are beginning the NEXT CHAPTER in the Lost Art Of Virtue community challenge today.

For the next 14 days we encourage a deep dive into the world of patience while staying on top of the virtue Chastity. Continue to build the foundations of real knowledge that are the only concepts that can be applied to bring balance.

** The Lost Art of Virtues ** NEW **


Lets all try to share on telegram, what we discovery about ourselves and bring light to the deep subconscious nature of our ego.

To all those who are looking for self mastery, well done for great work with Chastity, it is a pleasure to see the Aha moments when you truly recognise a way to improve or break boundaries within yourself.

If you don't innerstand anything be sure to join the Q&A this Sunday and ask questions to bring clarity. It is also really beautiful to see as many of the Xfam as possible, sharing what you experience and where you are at on your journey.

I will continue to be active in the Telegram so feel free to ask away there also.


Good luck

Have a beautiful day

Infinite love and light

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