Join Brother Jostien And I Tonight 6pm UK Time - R-EVOLUTIONARY PODCAST - HAPPY MOTHERS DAY



Love and Light to all beings, abundance and joy...

Hope everyone is well and those doing the fast are injoying the vibrational shifts it brings.

Today is Mothers day here in the UK.

I would love everyone to just sit quietly and contemplate on how much gratitude one has for the WOMBMAN who gave birth to you. Whether they are here or not.

Our Mothers did the best that they could do, in knowing that - we can let go of any ideas that we should of been treated differently at all... Liberate ourselves and look at Our Mothers with love, the ego/mind is hard and can be brought our through stresses of raising children..

If we can all find presence and non reactivity we can be the greatest role models for all children....

Let our lights shine and be the best version the SELF...

We love you all so dearly and thankyou Mothers for your service to your children ...


Please join us tonight 6pm UK time for an hour - bring your questions if you have any..





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