Hope everyone is injoying the equinox and the fast.

Feeling light as we are half way into the juice and we are so grateful for the wonderful sweet oranges and black grapes we have been blessed with.

How is everyone?

Happy Equinox

Today is a very special day of balance, use this magickal day to spend some time cleaning and clearing any old negative ideas or thought pattens that on may have..

Try to gain mastery over the attention using directed focus into nowness, becoming aware of all the senses and life as it is..

See that shifting the attention away from mind as a practice each and every day, every waking hour until it has been achieved is what it takes.

If we are still perceiving the negative in each experience, we can reprogram this intelligence consciously by being aware of the negativity then through your contemplation begin to focus on all of the good but one must re-cognise the good and be aware of the goodness.

So today we thankyou, for walking through to narrow gate that leads to life. Making the righteous right choices and devoting yourself to the truth.

The gratitude we have for each and everyone in our community for the love, support and EL_EVE_8-ions that shift the the field in consciousness beyond imag-in-at-ion.

May the light of truth continue to shine brighter each day

Infinite love and light




In this space of stillness, where no-thing exists, Stay here and do not go…

Before the persona puts on the mask and sure will steal the show

The now is avail-able, reciprocating perpetual,

Be led by uni-ion with Self and not by the intellectual.

What to expect of you, where fear and stress manifest,

One day is good, not the same with the next?

Only in time if you address and reflect,

Contemplate, look deep in all aspects,

Will one see all of the synchronicity’s connect

Something to recognise, become aware and digest

That which is Good, keep.. and with the Bad, Reject.

We have the power to consciously create, a template for a templar to even-(t)u-all-y Liber-ate…

Walk with your will and there is no mistake, fate? destiny? or something more Great?

Re-solve all personal conflict with a virtuous x life application,

INjoy the rebirthing through this incredible resurrection


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