What a beautiful day we have had here in the UK, clear skies and a vibrant sunshine.

Hope the sun has been shining inside your hearts and outside your window too.

The Q&A will be next Sunday as our LITTLE X has kickboxing competition GB Grand slam tomorrow.


If you have any questions until then, send me a private message, reach out on telegram or join us on a YT live.


GRACE is available to all and is AMAZING. If you want the truth you will find freedom intertwined in a union so perfect with a recognition that it has never left you but was hidden behind the mask of EGO/PERSONA.

Keep focused on the EL_EVE_ATED across all dimensions of life and you will be opening up and manifest the highest expression of experience aligned with your true will.th

It is such a blessing to rise every day with love, joy and presence. We cannot recommend diving into GREAT WORK enough.

One must go in deep within themselves and live as virtue, peeling back the layers of suffering, revealing the shadows of doubt, fear, anxiety, depression, hate, resentment, expectation, lust, pride, envy, sloth, greed, anger and so on..

You are the one, there is no one else- the issue is you al-ways

Good luck on your journey, we are here with and for you - whenever you are ready.


Thankyou all for love, support, kindness and embarking on a journey of TRUTH


Have a perfect day

Infinite love and light x

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