A-maze-in YOU


What a glorious day. Has it been for you? Have you found the sweet spot prior to mind/thought/ego/suffering. Have you become a factory of joy?

Amazing you,

A maze in the mind, blinded by judgement. Evading the truth with prior-eye-ties, subliminal unconscious manipulation masked as the person. This is the automatic aspect of oneself that takes control and is filled with the past and knows nothing of present or future. Is riddled with fear of the unknown yet thrives in what it believes it knows.

How the mind/ego is a reality far away from the truth and the self in the present is a reality filled with truth.

The minds of all are all different yet the mind wants others to be the same, The self knows that all minds are different but yet all are of the same.



Responding righteous with right choices as they arise in each moment is such a key to building the temple and the awareness of how and why reality is as it is.

The right choices are nothing other that what you know to be right, not what others think. When you chose what is right, you liberate weight from thought/suffering, usually from regret, resentment. This comes from desires to change what you did or didn't do (resenting yourself, regretting what you did/nt do)..  This is what manifests from the wrong choices.

Even though we can speak of right and wrong, its always right. Because by you making the wrong choice (which is right for you at that time) you feel the suffering surrounding that choice which is reality working in a perfect way, for you to re-cognise how to create your life. Life is our greatest teacher, and you in-tuition is trying to manifest your WILL, can you tune in to it? This is for-TUNE and you opporTUNE-i-ty

There is an elevated state where there is no is-you (issue) until then, there is work to be done.

Mastering diligence is putting into motion the WILL and in-tuition, by application of what you believe to be true and this will change over time until you have surrendered all concepts and dwell in the garden of truth.

Eat well, sleep well. Speak authentic and kind, correct the mind to provide good clean thoughts, live in truth - as the truth. Become present attending to each moment with or whatever you are doing! Be there or be square (boxed in mind). Also take great care of the body, keep strong, fit and mobile, there is no better place that with us holistically to change your world and i suggest if you still have areas needed for growth, make 2024 the year for you.

New 6 week transformations will begin in July - Intensive one on one transformations for those who REALLY want it. EMAIL [email protected]


How is everyone doing on the fast? Its wonderful to see all the colour in the juices being shared on the telegram group chat - keep the inspiration flowing.

There will be a Q&A this Sunday and I'm sure a YouTube live Saturday evening. I look forward to being with you all.

I have completed the next virtue and will be making it live over the next few days, Thankyou for your practicing ..

Have a perfect day

Infinite love and light x

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