**LIVE-Q&A** The SIGN-IF-I-CAN-CE to TRANSFORM-AT-ION – Youtube 8.15 pm Uk time Friday 25th


Good day wonderful beings.

How is your day, peaceful within body mind? Or is there a little resistance today?

Remember that the ego mind will always have something to say, an interpretation of what is this is judgement. If given attention it will magnify and become audible.

Identifying with this thought will separate you from the moment which is as it is into a false reality warped by the perception of the persona. We can suffer here or experience joy.

We all have the power to shape perception though the art of c-on-templation and re-cognition, transmuting any negativity through acceptance and surrender dissolving the idea and replacing it consciously with a better higher vibrational seeing.

We can also have a consistent practice of shifting focus and attention off of the ego mind and into pre-sence where the in-no-cence is re-cognised.

Here is immaculate conception -Void of all ego mind. The isness one could say. And that which is, is far removed from that which isn’t / illusions and delusions.

You will find balance in all situations and will never suffer again with this great work.


Mastery is found in time across all of the EL-E-ments and with your WILL you WILL be once again in union with SELF in phenomenal reality.


We look forward to our time with you tomorrow and hope you can join us in the Live chat with everyone.


Thankyou all so much for your love, support and making that difference to yourself and reflecting divinity on others

We live in gratitude for each and every one.


Many blessings

May your day be filled with Joy, love. peace, abundance and prosperity


Infinite love and light x



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