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Good even-in-G wonderful x family.

Can i find liber-at-ion, can i even find it? How do i apply the virtues to live a balanced non reactive life? How can i rise above judgement..? If i choose to eat meat am i ever going to be inlightened?

Join us Live - TUESDAY 8.15pm Youtube - 


These are a few questions we will answer this coming live show, asked by the X family community...

Dont forget, write your Questions in this post comments or use the live chat on Tuesday and we will bring simplicity with application for your evolution.

In this world of perfection even with its deception, how can i be free from concepts and karma without reflecting,

The programmes of illusions, a game in the mind, to live in the now leaving the past behind..

Where is the sub-t-le space?

Where am i the i am..?

Here i am, Not there i am - A GIFT IN THIS MOMENT - Unwrap your pre-sence and do not build any more boxes....


Hope your day is blissful, if not then filled with application and practice. Living life contemplating the thoughts and issues that arise until there are no more.

Eating to sustain the body, while one learns to be their own doctor - intuitive healing.

L-earning from the WILL of Quest-ions until there are no more.

Searching for peace in a world where the only peace is the piece of Mind.

How you perceive life?

Resolve all conflict and bask in light of truth - SIGN-IF-I-CAN-CE can you see yet??


We look forward to you being with us Tuesday - until then stay focused on your path - do not give anyone the power to cause suffering and shine your lights

Have a beautiful day

Infinite love and light

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