X Family Update -


Hello, Good day beautiful family.

We are here in the snowy land of Switzerland.

What a beautiful place.

We are here connecting with the very special sister Sabina from the X famunity.

What an incredible wonderful being.

Thankyou for your love, hospitality and kindness ..

As we arrive In perfect timing there is someone who reached out to Sabina in ill health.

We hope we can make a difference and guide them to health.

We will be back in the UK this Friday and look forward to bringing lots of new content and the new website very soon...

Hope everyone is well...

With the will of truth at heart, observing life and In-joying each moment..

The journey sparked by external eventually leads to the internal..

We must focus on ourselves to reveal the inner war that can only be won when one is a-war-e...

There truley is nothing to do , as you are already it..

But to graSp that which you are there must be no identification...

We must let go of every idea we have..

All concepts...

The immaculate conception.

All the illusions of man..

We must not accept thoughts as truth but watch as they arise, stay detached.

If we can abstain from identifying as the thought we are in due process of alchemic distillation...

Use the power of contemplation to see your illusion that separate you from peace...

Not need to live as anything other than the light of the truth...

Presence is key to making the right choices as the righteous virtuous being you are without sin...

Truth must be applied for the wisdom to flow with the infinite..

We love you all have a beautiful day, Infinite love and light.











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