Happy Thanksgiving 2023


Good day beautiful family…

Happy Thanksgiving.
Whether or not it is a national holi-day….
We can all give thanks and feel gratitude and appreciation for what we have..
I’d love everyone to sit quietly alone or with your families, and bring to light 5 things that you can give thanks to/for…
Michelle, I and little X give thanks to all life,
the incredible ability to love and injoy family relationships..
To be able to taste, smell, touch, feel and hear.
To be connected to all of you beautiful beings on a journey to become whole and Virtuous.
To have found the path that brings us great peace within ourselves….
And one EXTRA, for the WILL i have for truth.
We all send our loving gratitude
Keeping you all deeply in our hearts for all of your support and efforts in elevating yourselves each moment.
May you all live in love, peace and joy forever
Have an incredible day with all that you choose to be in your life.
Make it a good one, with presence.
Infinite Love and Light
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