Happy Christmas X family


We Wish You A Virtuous Christ-m-a-s Wonderful X family.

Have a special day with perpetual moments filled with joy...


For so many of you , a huge evolution one has had since last year,  take a look..

How much quicker you are at resolving anger, resentment..? How one has control over the body, mind?  How the dynamics of family, friends, lifestyle has shifted..


How little anxiety is there, how you do not fear those illusions and presence is felt..

Living Virtuously is key to bringing alinement and balance with universe..

To clean the temple and start with pro-per found-at-ions...

Food & Virtue..

What a jump In experiential awareness....  ** Well done everyone** so very humbled.

2022 is a leap for the journey.. Look forward to what is coming.

As it unfolds in each moment, we give attention to this second and find grace in that instant,

You cannot bring anything with you here, no concept of any kind.

Lets use this Holi-day to be absolutely attentive to all who we interact with....

Young or older, be there..

I can assure you there is no greater a gift than the present...


So, this year to-g-ether we have achieved so much, as we continue to remind those who seek the highest, slow and steady wins the race.

There is no doing to get there, find in-lightenment - and the let the magick be seen.

Give full attention, focused, sharpness to the split second of nowness- absolute silence.. Break the matrix with us.

 2022 you were born R-EA-Di


Thankyou all so much for the Love and support..

We are so humbled and at constant gratitude for the X family....

Love you beyond any substance..

x AL-ways and for-eve-R m-o-R-e





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