M = 13 Symbolic For Balance WHY?? ETYMOLOGY


M is the 13th letter in the Alphabet, it is the (M)iddle letter in the full 26 letters, homeostasis is middle, and balance is in the middle. 13 has been shrouded in mystery, fear and judgement for many so people, even an unlucky number. In architecture the 13th floor has been left out of many buildings even in the Empire State Building in New York City has a 13th floor but it is labelled as floor 14 on the elevator buttons..

This I'm sure is related to the hearsay from the reverse worlds truths being spread as the deceptive purpose of this paradigm is to seek. and only those that see-k will find the truth.

If we look at the symbolic nature of the shapes, the letter M visualized as resembling the upper half of a torus shape, torus fields/ Magnetism fundamentally relys on the interaction between opposing poles (positive and negative, north and south). For a magnetic field to exist, there must be a balanced interplay between complementary forces.

The two soft arcs of the M mirror the rounded, symmetric lobes of the torus' upper portion. The letter's vertical middle stroke represents the central axis around which the torus' ring revolves.

The upper curves of the M are filled in, resembling the torus' continuous surface. Yet the hollowness of the letter implies the empty, energetic centre that defines the torus form.

The two arcs of the M extend equally on both sides, meeting at a central point like the balanced lobes of the torus intersecting at the middle axis. The symmetry evokes harmony and equilibrium.

The flowing lines of the M reflect the torus' ongoing circulation and rhythm. The perpetual motion is contained yet unbounded, reflecting infinity contained within finite form.

Much like the torus, the M's dual arcs join together in perfect union, suggesting paired yet complementary energies interweaving seamlessly. Wholeness emerges from interconnection.

Together, the balance, circular flow, polarity, and resonance of the M as the upper half of a torus symbolize cosmic principles of harmony, unity, and boundless potential emerging from the void through sacred geometry.

The letter 'M' also appears in the spelling of many words conceptually related to magnetism, the feminine divine, and the supernatural:

  • Magnetic
  • Magnet
  • Magnetism
  • Mother
  • Mum
  • Morals
  • Maternal
  • Magic
  • Magician
  • Magical
  • Miracle
  • Miraculous
  • Mentor
  • Mental
  • Mentality

In Freemasonry, the letter M holds deep symbolic meaning:

It represents the Masonic value of morality and the aspiration to live an ethical, virtuous life.

M stands for mason as well as meridian, referring to the sun's peak position, reflecting the search for enlightenment.

M embodies the Masonic pillars of Wisdom, Strength, and Beauty upholding the temple of human character.

It signifies the Holy Mother, the feminine principle of nurturing, mystery, and intuition balanced with masculinity.

Twin M's represent the pillars on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, the dual forces undergirding existence.

An M within a triangle points to ascension, transcendence, and the Holy Trinity. It adorns Masonic lodges.

Inverted M's with interlocked legs form the Masonic symbol for umbra, the occult root of wisdom and inner truth.

The compass and square combined form an M overlaid on itself, reflecting the integration of opposing dualities.

M at the center of intersecting rings depicts the unfolding of unity from the Source toward multiplicity.

The M-shaped apron worn in Masonic ritual mirrors the initiatory path of spiritual evolution and return.

For Freemasons worldwide, the letter M concentrates esoteric concepts of morality, balance, enlightenment, and the mystical quest for self-realization.


M = Balance

13 = Balance



May you find your day in balance, love, peace and joy.

Infinite love and Light x




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