Well done to everyone for embarking on this challenge we salute you for any and all of your efforts.

Mental and physical health are key elements to living a fulfilled experience and there is no other cleanse and purity like a water fast.

If you are embarking on this water fast be sure to take things very slow, even getting up from laying or sitting down, observe the mind and see where any inner conflict or judgement is arising from. This is the best time for reflection and contemplation on what matters as there is no energy to waste.

Sit with what matters and does not, what is and what is not.. You shall find this moment, where things just are as they are.. It is only the mind/mentalisation that causes any suffering within so attune yourself to balance any of these subtle personified ideas. Lose the desires to have what you don't, to change what you cant and be where your not. Have gratitude and a focus on all that you have, where you are and what you can do..


Good luck on these next few days and if you have any questions please reach out here on private messaging


or on the telegram group chat   https://t.me/+QywEeznQXP41YzJk

It is such a pleasure to see so many of you on a path of purity, within the mind and body, KEEP UP THE GOD WORK xx

such gratitude for each and everyone.

May your day be blessed with the power of virtuous love, peace, joy, clarity, stillness, prosperity and abundance.


Thankyou all so much for taking the time to message us regarding the last update. The content will keep coming in more depth and quality



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