The concept of WILL is a fundamental aspect of human existence, deeply rooted in real philosophy and true spiritual teachings.. To really grasp its significance is to unlock a profound innerstanding of ourselves, others and the mechanics of reality,

At its core, WILL represents the innate power of choice and action that resides within each individual. It should be the driving force behind our decisions, our motivations, and our very sense of self.

One of the most crucial realizations on the path to evolution is the recognition that we cannot change the WILL of another. This must be deeply innerstood at a foundational level to let go from the Egos efforts to shape, control or manipulate others and situations. Everyone has their own unique WILL and if authentically aligned with, it will lead you to the life ones intended to live. When we attempt to force our WILL upon others, even with the best intentions, we create an energetic imbalance. This imbalance often manifests as resistance, resentment, or outright rejection. This is casting a "bad" spell (black magick) that goes against the LAWS OF WILL resulting in unintended consequences. When one observes the nature of reality during the conscious evolution of oneself they will find that when breaking the LAWS OF WILL, we close doorways of opportunity and become out of alignment with our intention to experience life the way one WILLS to, but when we act in accordance of the LAWS OF WILL we open doorways of opportunity and bring ourself into the alignment will our intentions and WILL. 

Contemplate on the times you've tried to convince someone to change their mind or behaviour against their own WILL. It could even be with a partner, if you succeed momentarily, there's is an underlying tension that eventually surfaces through anger that has built up from the inability to express oneself authentically. This is because true change can only come from within ones WILL to do so. The external pressure may create temporary compliance, but will never lead to genuine, lasting transformation. The real magick, therefore, lies not in controlling others, but in aligning one's own WILL with the universal flow of consciousness.

It is very important to innerstand that no one can change your Will. Your choices, your beliefs, and your actions are fundamentally yours, but when in EGO you may not be able to do so, this can be related to people pleasing (when you dont want to really do it) and will suffer through the illusory expectations created mentally. While others may influence or persuade, the final decision always rests with you.  If you allow yourself to be coerced or you surrender your own WILL, the manifestation of NEGATIVITY through thought patterns, suffering with personal resentment, regret, anger and it is these energetic disturbances that manifest an external expression that has closed off the alignment to live life in accordance with your WILL and this will continue to be experienced until you find the ability to become authentic and align yourself with your TRUE WILL.

A large part of real magick is enabling the expanded awareness of the functionalities that are within ones self to create your own reality knowing that energy is everything. How can one create their own reality if they are unable to be themselves and authentic at all times. Always think in terms of energy.

This realization is empowering, as it places the responsibility for your life in you, this innerstanding forms the basis of personal power and the ability to manifest change.

Only through observing reality through application of this truth will one see the energetic and creative relationship between thoughts, feelings, emotions, intentions, imagination, actions and speech.

Expanding the wisdom of WILL further into universal Will - This can be interpreted a the Will of God, the Universe, or Consciousness itself. When we can truly tune in through walking and observing the path consciously for sometime one will see that all things within the phenomenal world of experience are absolutely perfect for everything and everyone to be experienced by them at that particular time. It should be seen as the expression of consciousness.

To help us see this more clear, as a tool for liberation of energy and ego we can look to certain concepts found within the truth seekers field, Most aliments are reversed by eating real whole foods when doctors don't know this, the banking system is rigged, Government lie, free energy has been kept secret and suppressed for monetary gain, people are starving when half the food is thrown away to waste, unfair tax's, events such as covid and the twin towers are staged to push agendas and control the narrative. Once you have found this information you are now faced with the EGO's desire to change the world and others opinions on it. When trying to tell others who's WILL isn't to know, you will push them away from you even though you have good intentions. You may also believe that the more people know the more chance you have of changing it, without the freedom of accepting things as they are in this moment you will be faced with anger, resentment which will destroy the body chemically and not change anything but your wellbeing. If one can see all things as the expression of consciousness and interconnected perfection and that you are blessed to have had the ability to see the construct of the world/matrix that is at this time expressing a dualistic nature for the purpose of the evolution of experience for all at all times you will find freedom and liberation from that conflict.

Innerstanding the WILL of GOD is to know that all things in this moment are perfect for all beings that are experiencing it.

I go back to energy, as i have shared and many of you know by first hand experience, it is energy that manifests the individual experience, so if your energy is negative in resistance to what is, lets call it GODs expression what do you feel you will manifest from all of this negativity?? More negativity for sure. I'm pointing out that if you clear your own energy and liberate the minds/egos judgements you will change your world and in turn the world,. Wanting to change things does not change them, changing things does, in this very moment if change cannot be done, acceptance and surrender of the idea is what is needed for freedom from the thought. But the awareness and innerstanding brings knowing to the fact that your perception on the matter that is the cause of the issue (is you) or the peace felt in mind.

True wisdom and the effectiveness lays in aligning our individual WILL with the greater flow of existence through this re-cognition. This doesn't mean passive acceptance from danger or random events, we are looking not to activate reactivity but balance through a deep innerstanding and cooperation with the order of creation.

When we fully grasp these concepts and integrate them in our awareness as truth the mind/ego will not have the desire to control, change people, past, future or events and only then do you see that relationships last, they heal and you actually create experiences as you intended to/

Knowing that we cannot change others' WILL , that our own WILL is ours and there exists a greater WILL beyond our control - we see the perfection in all experiences. Every event, every interaction, every challenge becomes an opportunity for growth, evolution, and the practice of creation. What may seem like obstacles or misfortunes are, in fact, precisely what we or others need to experience for our development physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

This perspective liberates us from the suffering caused by the ego's constant striving to control and manipulate.

By releasing this need to control thought innerstanding the LAWS OF WILL we open ourselves to the flow of life and the true essence of magick. We begin to trust each individual's journey, including our own. This doesn't mean we become passive observers, but rather conscious participants in the grand dance of existence, co-creating reality through our aligned Will.

Observing life with this awareness you can see the rapid shift in the collective experience moving towards a reality which is for the greater good of all and become excited for the future instead of fearing it.

 Mankind suffers extensively without the wisdom of the LAWS OF WILL.

Here are some basic LAWS

  • Law of Sovereignty: Each individual's Will is inviolable and sovereign. No external force can truly change or override one's Will without their consent.
  • Law of Alignment: True power comes from aligning one's personal Will with the universal Will or cosmic order. This alignment leads to harmony and effortless manifestation.
  • Law of Non-Interference: One cannot and should not attempt to change the Will of another. Respecting others' Will is crucial for maintaining balance and avoiding karmic consequences.
  • Law of Responsibility: Each individual is solely responsible for their own Will and its consequences. This includes taking ownership of one's choices, actions, and their results.
  • Law of Intention: The power of Will is amplified by clear, focused intention. Vague or conflicted intentions weaken the efficacy of one's Will.
  • Law of Resistance: What you resist, persists. Accepting "what is" rather than fighting against it allows for clearer perception and more effective action.
  • Law of Transmutation: Will has the power to transform energy from one form to another. This includes the ability to transmute challenges into opportunities and lower impulses into higher expressions.
  • Law of Love: Love is the highest expression of Will. When Will is guided by universal love, it becomes a force for cosmic harmony and evolution.

I felt many may question the image so underneath i give examples of why love is under WILL..

  • Love under Will implies a love that is free from unhealthy attachment or obsession. It's a love that respects the sovereignty and Will of others, as well as cosmic laws.
  • When love is under Will, it becomes more than just a feeling – it's a choice and an action. This love is expressed through conscious decisions aligned with one's higher self and universal principles.
  • as we align our personal Will with the universal Will, our capacity for true, unconditional love grows. Love becomes a force for spiritual evolution and cosmic harmony.
  • Will is seen as the fundamental creative force of the universe. By placing love under Will, we acknowledge this cosmic order and our place within it.
  • love should be guided by one's true Will or higher purpose. It's not about indiscriminate or unfocused love, but love that is aligned with one's deepest nature and the universal order.
  • Will is seen as the overarching principle that governs all action and being. Love, while powerful and essential, operates within the framework of Will. This doesn't diminish love, but rather places it in a cosmic context.
  • love should be a conscious choice, not just a reaction. It places responsibility on the individual to cultivate and express love in alignment with their highest truth.
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