Real-eyes Real-i-ty



Good day be-au-ti-ful  X family.

How is your journey?

Are you L-oo-K-in-G, see-K-in-G from your heart to un-c-over the mysteries that you c-on-template on often? Is there a strong WILL for truth in you?

There is a great journey for each and everyone to bring unity, clarity and a deep innerstanding of what life is and is not. Who you are, where you are, when you are, what you are and why you are?

To remove all the suffering and the sufferer, becoming a master of your self, physicality, energetically, emotionally through the incredible process of the GREAT WORK.

A BE-LIE-F will never bring you peace from the question, only K-now-in-G WILL.

Some beings will not EL-eve-8 enough to even question reality and themselves but you have. Do not limit your self to personal/persona progression to change from a “asleep” to an “awake spiritual ” persona. Become L-imit-less by re-cognising the MIND/EGO/PERSONA and not identifying as it or with it but noticing its functionality as the intellect that is doing what it does and accepting it. Then crafting mastery over the attention and aligning it to the pre-sent moment of pre-cence / in-no-cence, here is the purity distilled from all unconscious thinking.

Free-Dom (Free dominion)

Enlightenment (in-lighten-mind)

There are many tools along the journey which we will assist you with, but the questions must come from you, within. Each of us will have a unique path to this space and pointings even though they are to the same space, can be very different to trigger the innerstanding.

Are you still searching for answers? We want to know from you what they are..

So don’t wait in fear, anxiety or depression from the lack of knowing – use this community right and ask your questions- even if they are the same every week until you grasp it.

Even though the tree knows what to do, each fruit must ripen on its own accord.

Healthy bodies, healthy mind can lead to no mind – do you mind?



Lets all give gratitude to all that we have, giving no attention to desire for more.

Lets feel, vibrate fully feeling wholesome as if every need is met.

This universe is responsive to you energetically and the energy behind your words with intentions must be used correctly.

Spend some time looking at the way you speak daily, look for a better way to project/say certain things.

Wake up and breathe the breath of life, fill your self with prana and joy, life is a miracle and we all are bless to be experiencing now.

There is no past or future only this….

Engage fully in each moment with such attentiveness and re-cognise that masterpiece in front of you with every sense.

Remember that the present is the gift but is it missed? does the Ego relay a warped perception of now to you?


i am that which is, are you?


Have a blessed day and may the sign-if-i-can-ce in life present itself to magnifi-cence forever more.

Infinite love and light x







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