Fle-X Fitness coming soon


Break-fast ✔️

Pre + During workout ✔️


....Gym time 💪

Also post workout food not in the picture.


Fail to Prepare and....

Prepare to Fail


When adopting a wholistic lifestyle one of the keys to success is preparation...


Always be one step ahead...


💪 Focus ones attention

💪 Acquire the necessary knowledge of body mechanics

💪Have a WILL to drive the body beyond all limitations and watch the body change shape and composition (lose fat and grow muscle, gain strength, feel great, daily detox and release happiness with natural increase in dopamine.

Extensive gym course COMING SOON.


Who is ready or already doing intensive exercise.

Michelle and I have ignited an old passion and have extensive experience in fitness, bodybuilding, strength training and all walks of the industry... Step aerobic, bands, for home or gym workouts and of course Diet...

We hope to pass on some well earned Gnosis and hope you in-joy our next course.


Have a beautiful day X family

We love you x





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