Hope everyone is injoying every moment in this beautiful Christmas period.

Giving and receiving the greatest gift Presence.

This is just a quick update to inform all that the Q&A will be resuming as normal next Sunday, miss you all very much but keep you close to our hearts al-ways.


Be sure to keep on point with your  attentiveness here in this moment and if you feel any identification, elements of emotion come in, desires to change what is, remember who you are and where you are. Dont live in the mind, live free "before the mind has spoke" here in this moment.

Liberating oneself takes dedication, courage and a will for truth so strong that no "person" can stand in your way. Whatever you perceive as a challenge, the challenge is mental..  Step by step, moment by moment we overcome any adversity with ease.

Suffering comes in thought forms of fear, anxiety, depression, anger, sadness and so on but when we can realise this - we can take the focus of the thought form and use our contemplations and bring remedy.  If we fall trap to (demons) negative thought patterns and awaken to them, we can exorcize every single one to a positive (angels).

No one has to suffer but simply innerstand that the power inside, lose the idea that someone is something is coming to save you  (from your projections), you must save yourself from them.


The faculties are ever present within you and you need nothing external to free you. Just innerstand thy self and the world is YOUrs X


Share a prayer of wishes for 2024 together with everyone tomorrow.

Until then, we love you all so much.

You really are changing your world.










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