Thankyou Beautiful Family


Good day,

Thankyou all so much for your lovely Christ-mas wishes, it is such a pleasure to be unified with you all.

What a beautiful family community of seekers of truth, actioning that which has been found and living as virtuous as can be.

It has been amazing to see so many beings heal, achieve heightened experiences, finding peace and shifting withing the physical reality.

So many see that fruit trees are the most abundant giving selfless form of food and a need for a foundations of living organic living soil to thrive.

Whole food is the most important shift for any one, removing the world of toxic eating habits from, MSG, table salt, processed foods, meat, dairy, sugar, caffeine, sweets, chocolate and the the list goes on.....

This is such a journey for so many.. Well done to all that have or are beginning to take the journey..

Eating up the food pyramid of simplicity is felt as one progresses, So light and healing with an expansion of consciousness that is automatically acquired through this change.

Then taking on the great work of Knowing the self, and re-cognising the phycological drama of the ego mind, being able to be aware that there is a commentary of each moment being relayed with a very slight delay to the self as the attention has been drawn to this aspect within. Missing the moment that contains no dialogue that is liberating and there lays no conflict.

Observing that all desires, wishing to change the past or control future and living in the sins, not the virtues cause suffering and this is found in thought.

We as a family choose not to suffer and will delve deep into this subject in 2023, hoping to free those that have not yet found source.

All of the searching external for truth without trapping ones consciousness into a repeating concept that one identifies with will eventually lead one to the great work..

Internal dimension and mastery over this wonderful mind, body and spirit.

You are all a very beautiful minority and just being here shows that you are in the right place for a wholistic experience.

May all your dreams come true and all your quest-ions be answered through experience.

Have a very special day

Thankyou all again

Look forward to seeing you all sunday

Love and light x

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