A fluid even-in-G with b-r-other char-lies s-uper magnifi-cence. What is the sign-if-i-can-ce with f-oo-d. Ths truth is so simply explained B-as-i-C.. Ob-serve the flow of life. Per-for-man-ce...fruit F-oo-d for Fitness and ma-ss.. Stay in the pre-sent (before sent-i-ence) with the pre-sence (before your senses of the body and the per-cepti-on that you are this body) You are most definitely no such a thing. You in habit this vessel. But you are observing as consciousness.. In a moment of non thought you.... You will be at-one-ment.. Its one big test-a-ment.. Lets make the right choices to-get-her

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